The Dream Builder Program



DreamBuilder is a simple, PROVEN, 90-day process which will take you from wherever you are now -- stuck, frustrated, scared, unhappy -- to confident and fulfilled as you learn EXACTLY how to discover and define your true dream.


It works even if you're not sure what your dream is. And it shows you how to develop a concrete plan for achieving it (even if you're skeptical because you had success in other areas of your life, but not with your dream).


The DreamBuilder program will teach you how to align yourself with the laws of the universe. It’s that simple. If you apply these principles you will learn during this course will work for you because the laws of the universe never change. It’s our understanding of these laws that change.


As our awareness and application of these DreamBuilding principles increase - then so do our results. This will work for anyone who takes the time to learn how to use it properly and expends the energy to practice it.

Part of building and living your dream is to stop thinking based on your circumstances, your limitations -  instead thinking from possibility!


           This program is not about doing more.... 

                                                   It's about doing your life in a Different way.


The most successful people in the world have the same assets you do - 24 hours in a day.

They just use their assets differently.



That’s just one of the principles you’re going to learn how to harness in this course.

Invest 1-2 hours a week in this program - that’s truly all it takes to begin seeing shifts.



I believe in You and your Dream of your best life! 



If you are really ready dive in and start shifting your thinking and your outcomes today,



I am ready to be your Guide!


Are You Ready To Totally Commit To Be A Dream Builder? 




Here’s an overview of the exciting journey YOU will go on:



Week One: Defining Your Dream

        - What Is Within You is Greater Than Anything in Your Surroundings 
                Discover how to reveal to yourself what it is you really want to be, to do, to give -

                without the limitations of time, education and money.


         - Defining What You Really Want -

                Learn how to reorient your thinking so that you can really explore possibilities.


Week Two: Testing Your Dream

        - Discovering Whether Your Dream is Right for You

               Now that your have a dream in mind, determining whether your dream is worthy of you.

Week Three: Increase Your Sense of Deserving

        - Perception: Shifting Yours So You Are Ready for Change 
                 Learn ways to change your thinking from limited to the power to create what you want.

         - Laying Claim to Your Deserving
                 Amplify your sense of deserving to help you attract what you need to bring forth your dream.


Week Four: Befriending Your Fear

        - Nurturing Your Dream: Maintaining the Integrity of Your Field so Your Dream Can Grow

                 Learn to honor the existence of your fears, but kick them out of the driver’s seat!

        - The Gap: Turning Your Fear Into a Stepping Stone 
                 Learn strategies and skills for navigating the gap between the life you have known

                 and the life you are creating.


Week Five: Activating the Law of Circulation

         - The Gap: Turning a Sense of Lack into the Recognition of Abundance
                 Learn to understand you are an abundant being and you will demonstrate abundance in your life.

         - The Gap: Activating the Law of Circulation Through Giving
                 Learn ways to be open to the flow and experience of ideas, resources, circumstances,

                 and people,when aligned with the generosity of the Universe.


Week Six: Changing Your Perceptions

         - Liberating Yourself From Constriction Through Forgiveness
                 Learn how practices of forgiveness can opens the doors of perception and

                 frees one to live a life worth living.

Week Seven: Setting Yourself Free Through the Practice of Forgiveness

         - The Gap:Taking the Steps Between Separation and Connection Through Forgiveness
                 Learn how forgiveness may not change the past, but it can change your present and

                 transform your future


Week Eight: Listening to the Still Small Voice

        - The Life You Are Holding in Your Hands is Yours
                 By saying Yes to that voice that wants our freer, fuller more creative self, the happier and

                 more successful you become.  


Week Nine: Creating a Support System

        - Building a Bigger Believing: Creating a Support System to Navigate the Gap
                 Learn an actual, proven process for creating a support system you need to navigate the gap
                 between where you are now and where you are in your dream.


Week Ten: Training Your Mind

       - Changing the Channel: A Frequency for Answers and Solutions 
                 Learn the way to take the limited mind to the mind of possibilities, where any answer is available


Week Eleven: Turning Failure Into a Building Stepping Stone

       - Failure - the Gift of Feedback
                 Learn ways of shifting your perception from “failure” to "information"

                 to lead you in the direction of your dream.


Week Twelve: Harvesting Your Dream

       - Harvesting Your Dream: The Beginning of Your Next Chapter


Who you become as a result of consciously taking this journey enables you to embark on one dream after another.  Building a dream, no matter which stage you are in, opens you more and more to living a life of amplified aliveness.

This natural feeling rises in you more and more frequently as you stay true to this course.  As you continue on your journey, you will grow more into the person who is the person you are meant to be, and you will harvest your dreams again and again throughout the journey of your life!


So there’s an overview of this valuable, proven program - a roadmap of how to navigate your journey and transform your life.


If you are READY to get clearer about how you would LOVE the areas in your life to look - GREAT!


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